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Originem started life in 2009 as My-Umbrella. With the introduction of AWR in October 2011, the company decided to rebrand to reflect a new suite of services, new legislation compliance and a strong ambition to offer improved HR services to businesses, to enable them to save money and grow.

Originem was launched in 2012 as an employment company that offers original recruitment, employment and payroll solutions for the tens of thousands UK businesses and recruitment agencies that rely on a large workforce of flexible permanent and temporary workers.

Originem understand the importance of the UK‘s mammoth workforce to our economy. So, we have emerged to offer highly contemporary, tailor-made HR management processes and ways of employing people that will save money for companies while staying on the right side of employment law and the HRMC.

We benefit employers who manage a large workforce by helping them to make substantial savings by outsourcing payroll and recruitment services. We benefit recruitment agencies with similar solutions and the attractive addition of cash flow funding. Plus we benefit the workers we employ on their behalf with guaranteed hours contracts and full statutory employment rights.

Call Originem: 0161 713 1730