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Meet the team


Phil Barker

Managing Director

Phil is the business owner, he completed a management buyout of Originem in late 2017. He now owns the business outright under the new name of Red Planet Business Services. However, the trading style and brand name of Originem, which has been built up over the years will continue to play a part in the new business.

Those who know Phil will also know that he’s been in the recruitment and payroll industry for over 20 years – so he understands the processes and pressures very well.

He initially joined Originem as Implementation Manger with a commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience. With his unrivalled commitment to the business and a background with some of the biggest names in the industry, he quickly rose to become Managing Director in 2015.

As the company now enters the next chapter of its development, Originem will further strengthen its market position based on innovation and exceptional service under Phil’s continued leadership.


Sara Janicki

Head of Operations

Sara implements strategy for Originem and she’s also the one who takes on responsibility for delivering service to both our agency clients and candidates.

She knows our company better than most having worked in roles from Executive Assistant, Head of Customer Services and Office Manager right up to her current post.

Compliance and traceability are some of the biggest parts of her job and that’s why she runs the systems and processes that operate entirely within Originem’s UK office. This gives us full control and brings peace of mind to our clients.

It is Sara’s diligent approach and ethical values that have helped to position Originem as a leading, wholly compliant leader in payroll and employment.

Hannah Walachowski

Client Payroll Manager

Hannah is the one who ensures that everybody is paid accurately and on time – every time.

She has a great track record for accuracy, and having been responsible for processing the wages of up to 12,000 candidates per week, it is a challenge that she takes in her stride.

Her attention to detail is also well-placed. Both for our agency clients and candidates, she takes care of the collection and processing of Tax and National Insurance. So, you can be sure that there will never be any nasty surprises waiting around the corner.

Hannah did in-fact start out with us in 2013 as an apprentice. So, it’s a great pleasure to see the rise of young talent.

Having quickly established herself as a great communicator with a passion for doing a good job we wasted no time in promoting her to become our Client Payroll Manager.

With a great ability to adapt and carry her skills across the business she has also worked in our customer services department – making her an all-rounder and real asset at Originem.

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