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How we pay our Contractors

By transferring the employment of your temp workers to Originem, you, the recruitment agency benefit as we assume responsibility for all employment risk, take onboard all admin responsibility and significantly reduce employment costs. The contractors themselves benefit by being taken care of in a number of ways, not least being entitled to full statutory employment rights.

How the process works for contractors

How does a temporary worker migrate from working through your recruitment agency and being paid via the PAYE scheme to being employed by Originem? Here’s a step-by-step rundown of how the process works:

  1. The worker simply calls or emails us to register. They will need to complete a full registration pack and sign a contract of employment with Originem to accept the details of the assignment they are working on via your recruitment agency.
  2. As soon as that registration is complete, the worker (now an employee) is automatically covered by our professional insurance package to the value of £15m.
  3. We then contact the employee by phone to welcome them to Orignem, to explain their responsibilities, introduce our online portal and tell them the all-important details of how they’ll get paid.
  4. Once an employee is given access to our user-friendly online portal, they can do everything from downloading payslips to accessing their employment history. This is a fantastic piece of software that ensures all relevant data is captured and that payments can be made quickly and efficiently.
  5. The employee submits their timesheet to the recruitment agency and the agency sends payment to Originem. We can also issue an invoice at this stage if required.
  6. We calculate the employee’s basic pay, commission, employee and employer’s national insurance and holiday pay using our state-of-the-art payroll software.
  7. A text message confirming net pay and an email with their payslip is sent before our employee receives their wages paid directly into their bank account.

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