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Improve my payroll process efficiency

Getting paid promptly and correctly is always vital for a temporary worker. When you transfer payroll management for your contractors to Originem, you can be assured that all employment welfare will be handled accurately and professionally. Therefore the time, effort and money that is spent on admin and query resolution by your recruitment agency staff is significantly reduced. Who, in an ever increasing competitive market, are better employed securing sales, making commission and getting on with the business of recruiting.

Bespoke software

Our bespoke payroll software ensures that adjustments can be made simply and quickly, so payment is not only spot on, but also on time. Fast, accurate real-time data is always at your fingertips. Our portal provides secure, cloud-based access so that no matter where you are or what time of day, full control of your finances is never more than a click away.

Expert team

In addition to fielding questions about pay, holiday entitlement and tax, our expert payroll service team produce payslips for the contractors we employ on your behalf, which can be downloaded via the Originem online portal. Last year alone we successfully processed over £10m worth of pay for our UK employer and recruitment agency partners, saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds in payroll management.

Call Originem: 0161 713 1730