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Autumn budget 2017 – what’s in it for you?

It’s probably fair to say that chancellor Philip Hammod didn’t rock the boat too much in his autumn budget. To sum things up very briefly; first-time house buyers came out as winners while drivers of diesel cars will have to cough up more.

Headline bullet points

  • Stamp duty abolished for first time buyers purchasing up to £300k
  • New diesel cars not meeting the latest emission standards to increase by one tax band in first year of ownership
  • Income tax thresholds raised to £11,850 and £46,350 in April 2018
  • National Living Wage increasing to £7.83 from April 2018

That said little change in employment law was welcome and provides for a degree of consolidation and stability.

One thing is for sure though, a flexible, well-motivated workforce remains at the heart of the economy. And while you concentrate on earning a living, Originem is working hard to provide a fast, friendly service, full employment rights and always ensuring that your wages are paid on time and directly into your bank.

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