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Things have moved on apace here at Originem. We now work to support more agencies than ever before, employ more contractors each month and run more payrolls ever week.

If that wasn’t enough, we continue to work with our agency partners and help them to launch their own profitable umbrella companies. That all means more number crunching and payroll analysis as we demonstrate just how much more they could be earning from their existing workforce.

It’s a growing operation and one that’s earning awards and industry recognition. It means more work for the busy little elves in the office and somebody to keep the house in order.

That’s where Marja Lahelma-Barnsley comes in. The qualified accountant has just joined us to head-up the department as financial controller.

Marja qualified at Manchester University and comes from a background of two of the world’s largest accountancy practices and has experience in the utilities and banking sectors – so she’s well qualified for the job.

She is now working closely with financial director Paul Hilton while also forging relationships to further and strengthen the Originem service.

Away from work Marja is busy raising a family and renovating their home. While she also finds time to travel back to Finland where she grew up in Helsinki.

Call Originem: 0161 713 1730