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Originem has grown and restructured

Following a period of sustained growth and business acquisition we are delighted to announce that Originem is now part of Adjuvantes, the leading contractor services group. The Adjuvantes group is now headed-up by Chris Clowes as chief executive officer. Chris was instrumental to Originem since joining as MD and then leading a management buyout in 2013. Our vision is to be recognised for delivering the best payroll services, customer support and outsourced, back office operation in the UK.

Business as usual

The restructuring of the group is underpinned by the stability of the core business with Phil Barker and Marja Lahelma-Barnsley leading the management team. Meanwhile our team of employment and payroll specialists continues to grow – all of who can still be reached at the same address and via their usual contact numbers and email addresses.

How we have grown

Since joining the business in 2011 Chris has led Originem through a re-branding programme and then the management buyout and relocation. His management and vision have delivered enormous benefits for the group. These include the launch of OWL, a progression of joint ventures, the provision of European payroll and the integration of a number of key acquisitions including Purepay Umbrella. As Adjuvantes the group is now entering into the next exciting stage in its development and growth with a drive to innovate and transform the industry while providing the best possible customer experience.

We look forward to supporting you with our award winning service in the future and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Call Originem: 0161 713 1730