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Educare Staffing Case Study

Since 2012, Educare have been supplying doctors, registered nurses, care and support staff, social workers and allied professionals to the sector to help maintain the highest standards of care.

It is a competitive business though where margins can be tight yet good care must always come first.

Benefits for all

Managing director Dave Steen says:

We have consistently grown the customer base since day one and continued to develop the number of contractors on our books. To take the business on to the next stage we needed to ensure that we were able to attract and reward the best staff while offering competitive rates to win new business.

The solution for Educare was to team up with Originem as their co-employer partners and for
their contractors to migrate onto guaranteed hours contracts with Originem. The solution delivered
significant benefits for all with Educare immediately saving 13.8% in employers National Insurance
contributions and their contractors enjoying an uplift in take-home pay.

Hassle-free migration

The migration process was extremely simple and well received. Originem provided everybody with all the information to understand the system. Importantly they were able to demonstrate how contractors could legitimately claim for genuine work related expenses. (This was before the change in legislation in April 2016)

From our perspective we simply had to provide Originem with our candidates’ names and phone numbers and they did the rest. Added to that rather than paying wages to each individual candidate every week we now have a single transaction with Originem. As a result we make significant savings both in time and money.

I now see Originem as our partners in business because they worked hard to understand our needs and have collaborated with us and offered a number of ideas that streamlined the way we work.

I have been particularly impressed with the fact that even when we have been bidding for the most price sensitive contracts they offered imaginative solutions that enable us to retain a healthy margin and reward our workforce while being competitively priced to win the deal.

This has made a real difference to the way we operate and as we continue to grow and take on more contractors.

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