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Manchester Made Case Study

Originem: Making start-ups simpler


Having a great business idea is one thing, getting it off the ground is another.

Cash flow, and meeting customer expectations will always be a challenge for any start-up. But, the whole issue of employment, HR and payroll can also seem like a minefield to budding entrepreneurs.

That was certainly the case for Martin McKee when he wanted to launch his Manchester-based design and development agency.

For me launching Manchester Made was a case of being in the right place at the right time. I had the opportunity to take an idea and a great team of people and make it work. But I needed a way to offer them a secure income at the same time as developing my first business, said Martin.

Choosing the right business model

With his agency in its infancy and his mind on winning work, Martin considered a number of business models to control his outgoings and liabilities while staying on the right side of all the legislation.

My background is creative and technical so I don’t have expertise in human resourcing, payroll and pensions. So being fully compliant could either be a huge drain on my time or require investment for specialist support.

The Originem model is different because they employ the staff directly on a guaranteed hours’ contract. They take care of all the compliance and ensuring everybody gets paid each month which made my start-up possible.

Benefits for all

By teaming up with Originem everybody at Manchester Made has benefited.

There are also subtle differences like auto enrolment into a pension plan and £15m of insurance cover as standard.

The process couldn’t be simpler with my overheads minimised while I also save on NICs. It is just as straight forward for my contracted staff who can log on to Originem’s easy to use portal and receive their wages directly into their bank each month.

The process, great service and good communications made a huge difference to my start-up and they still support us as Manchester Made continues to grow.

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