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Principal Resourcing Case Study


As the education sector continues to go through change, the challenge of supplying a flexible, motivated and well rewarded workforce has never been greater.

Since 2003, Principal Resourcing has provided quality, temporary supply staff to schools and academies throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The company, based in Hull, has quickly established its reputation and with that came a rapidly expanding core of supply teachers and the need to manage a growing HR and payroll function.

Business owner and operations director Tracy Pinkney said:

By outsourcing our back office operation to Originem, we have been able to concentrate on candidate recruitment and providing the best possible service to our clients.

The outsourcing difference

When partnering with Originem: payroll, employment risk, agency worker regulations and auto enrolment are all taken care of.

The switchover to Originem was fast and problem free and they now employ and manage the weekly payroll for ninety five per cent of our teachers. We also make significant National Insurance savings as we no longer employ our workforce directly.

Consequently, we are better placed to retain a well-motivated workforce that still enjoys full employment rights through Originem so it is not only us who benefits.

Becoming more profitable

Without the cost of an internal HR and payroll function Principal Resourcing are more profitable. They are also safe in the knowledge that compliance is in the hands of the experts and that for Tracy and her workforce access to Originem’s qualified HR team is only a phone call away.

With Originem’s efficiencies and our retained NI contributions we can offer more competitive charge out rates to schools. At the same time our margins enable us to offer better rates to our supply staff which helps us to attract and retain the best candidates.

With support from Originem, we have rapidly expanded the business across our regions and developed new products and services,

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