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Why choose Originem?

If your recruitment agency or assignment provider refers you to Originem, then you may have some questions. Originem is an established employment and payroll provider, whose products and services are fully compliant with all current legislation. Therefore, you can be assured of a high level of care and support during your employment.

Faster pay

When you’re employed through Originem, you also benefit from a user-friendly online portal to manage all your administration. You can check the information that we hold for you, download your payslip and as our software is fully automated, it ensures a fast, efficient payroll so that your hard earned money is in your account on time. Plus, if you have any queries about any part of your employment or assignment, please call our friendly helpful team,
who will answer any queries that you may have.

Full employment rights

As an Originem employee, you have full employments rights which entitles you to statutory benefits of national minimum wage/national living wage, paid rest breaks, holiday pay, pension auto-enrolment, sick pay, maternity/paternity and parental leave.

HR team

As a contractor, one of the things you may miss is having someone to turn to with work-related or personnel issues. As an Originem employee, you have access to our HR team, so, whatever the issue, they are available to offer help and advice.

Call Originem: 0161 713 1730