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2018 Gender Pay Statement

Red Planet Payroll Services T/a Originem is a business services company that offers employment and payroll solutions for recruitment agencies that rely on a large workforce of flexible temporary workers.

The majority of the worker’s in the snapshot we have used are based in the Education sector.

Due to the nature of the business, the ratio of men and women we payroll changes each week. In the snapshot, the ratio of workers per gender was 42.5% male and 57.5% female.

Our results show that the Gender Pay gap is relatively small. The mean difference is 6.49% and the median difference is 8.33%. We have little control over the gender pay gap as it is our clients which set the pay rates for all workers we process.

However, we will use this data to highlight our differences to our clients and work with them to further reduce this gap in the future.

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