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Auto Enrolment

It’s a great comfort for us all to think that we’ll have financial security as we get older.

That’s why the government introduced legislation that encourages us all to save little and often, so we’ll have a nest egg to provide for us when we retire.

The legislation is known as auto enrolment, and puts money aside for your workplace pension. The scheme requires employers like Originem to offer their employees the opportunity to automatically have a percentage of their pay put into a pension scheme every payday. Best of all, so long as you meet basic criteria, the government will top this up through tax relief for you.

Over the coming months we’ll be contacting you directly to explain more about how auto enrolment works, how you can start to benefit, or even ‘opt out’ if you prefer.

Originem’s ‘auto enrolment’ programme will commence on 1st November 2017.

As ever, we’ll be right here to give you all the support you need or answer any questions that you might have.

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